Religious architecture is of prime importance, sometimes representing the only significant heritage marker of a given locality due to the ancient or peculiar nature of its church. This type of movable heritage is thus what features predominantly here, including chapels, bells and wayside crosses. Smaller objects and furnishings are not forgotten, however, with Ille-et-Vilaine's collection of antiques and works of art associated with altarpieces and stained glass. This thematic area is also enriched with several photographs of statues.

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For a few years now, and at its own initiative, the Ille-et-Vilaine département has signed local partnership charters with mayors and parish priests whose churches (or furniture) have recently been restored. The purpose of these charters is to encourage the general public to discover the rich heritage found in the département's churches, which goes beyond the religious aspect alone and remains undervalued.


The agreement extends the opening of these buildings to visitors through various cultural events targeted in consultation with the assigning authorities (concerts, exhibitions, visits, readings, etc.). In return, the Département has produced a series of monographic leaflets for visitors.

This editorial collection is being extended at the rate of 3 leaflets per year and could eventually lead to heritage and tourist "routes" being set up.

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