Photographic Observatory of Landscapes collection (OPP 35) / Photographs by Guillaume Bonnel

In collaboration with State services, the Ille-et-Vilaine Département is setting up a Photographic Observatory of Landscapes to showcase the unique nature of the various landscapes that make up its local area and complement the Landscapes Atlas (

Through the 131 photographs presented, the Observatory photographer Guillaume Bonnel wished to bring living landscapes to the fore. The images move away from a static view of landscapes to show the practices taking place within these settings and portray their users, like theatres within which ways of life are played out.

Around a hundred main viewpoints are set to be renewed every three years. Some experimental viewpoints aim to broaden the record of photographic vision, allowing for innovative perspectives and methods: sound, night and kinetic landscapes (linked to movement), along with close-ups.

The Departmental Archives are responsible for preserving this collection and any additions that will eventually complement it.