Joseph des Bouillons 4J

Joseph des Bouillons (4 J) Collection

Documents collected by the archaeologist and scholar Joseph des Bouillons (1864-1934) and acquired in 1937-1938 by Ille-et-Vilaine's archivist René Gandilhon. The collection consists of historical, archaeological and geographical files, along with religious and heritage documents. After it was acquired by the institution, staff at the Departmental Archives continued adding to it over a number of years.

The documents, classified into topographic files (by département and alphabetical order of the communes), cover all of historical Brittany from 1800 to 1945 (some earlier and later pieces). These folders contain a wide variety of typologies:

- printed documents: excerpts from books (including Banéat, Guillotin de Corson, Paris-Jallobert and Orain for Ille-et-Vilaine), articles from periodicals (newspapers, journals of learned societies, parish newsletters), brochures (historical, tourist), programmes (ceremonies, parties, shows)

- archival documents: handwritten or typewritten letters, texts and narratives, public archives (including photocopies)

- handwritten documents by Joseph des Bouillon: notes, drawings and sketches

- iconographic documents: photographs, lithographs, maps and plans (including architectural sketches and plans), posters (official notices, auctions)


Numerous photographs (19th to 20th centuries) representing outdoor views (monuments, public and private buildings, historical sites, landscapes, etc.) and interiors, for example of churches (furniture and religious objects). The postcards and prints have been integrated into the Fi series.

The files contain more items related to Ille-et-Vilaine compared to the other Breton départements. Many of the items are glued or attached to paper/cardboard and are relatively fragile. Digitization makes them easier to view and preserve. Over 40,000 digital images have been taken, the majority of which are now available on this website (excerpts from books and articles will be posted later).


Collection listings:

4 J 1 - 361                         Ille-et-Vilaine

4 J 1001 - 1391                 Côtes-du-Nord

4 J 2001 - 2302                 Finistère

4 J 3001 - 3220                 Loire-Atlantique

4 J 4001 - 4264                 Morbihan